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Task ID: H

Task Title: Comparison and testing of caving equipment


Equipment for work under extreme conditions such as cave environment is one of the main issues affecting the safety of rescuers and rescue work efficiently in caves. We examined appropriateness of equipment used for work in the caves and test property of used equipment and deviations of the characteristics of the properties of new equipment.


Action H.1
Name of the action: Making criteria for the selection of equipment to be tested


  • WHAT: Making criteria for the selection of equipment to be tested
  • HOW: on the basis of past experience and the tests criterion will be made, which will describe certain cave testing equipment; the tested new equipment and caving equipment will be used during the practical activities (trainings, drills)

Action H.2
Name of the action: Testing of caving equipment on the ground


  • WHAT: Testing of caving equipment during the project activities (trainings)
  • HOW: the tested equipment will be used during project activities – it will prove its usefulness and quality/durability. For each use of the equipment accurate records of use will be kept, data will be useful for the final laboratory testing

Action H.3
Name of the action: Equipment testing in the laboratory


  • WHAT: Properties of caving equipment will be tested in a certified laboratory Anthron Ltd.
  • HOW: Equipment will be used (worn) during the documented project activities and will be tested following the prescribed procedures for the determination of properties (mechanical tests), these values will be compared to the nominal data (manufacturer) and tested with real properties of new equipment

Action H.4
Name of the action: Preparation of reports on the equipment testing


  • WHAT: Preparation of reports
  • HOW: On the basis of tests (H.2. And H.3.) reports and recommendations on the use of caving used equipment will be made.