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Report of Task A - Action A.3 and Action D.5: Workshop about Identification of all special conditions and dangers in caves

With action A.3 completion, all Task A is completed!

Task A is titled as Identification of all special conditions and dangers in caves. Main objectives were to identify the greatest dangers in the caves and to define the most frequent causes of past accidents happened in the cave. We have also undertaken detailed analysis of rescue operations in Slovenia and Croatia. Most frequent causes for accidents in the cave were imprudence (39 %), fall of caver (24 %), unfamiliarity with cave terrain (13 %), falling rocks (5%) and equipment problems (5 %). Results of the Task A were presented in a workshop and a conference; 12. January 2013.

More you can read in attached documents.

Report: Report_of_Task_A.pdf

Attachemnt a: EU Proteus Realized Actions and Plans in 2013

Attachemnt b: Danger in Caves Definition Study

Attachemnt c: Dangers in Caves and Cave Rescue

Attachemnt d: Cave Accidents Analysis

Attachemnt e: Caving Equipment Tests

Attachment a
Attachment b
Attachment c
Attachment d
Attachment e