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Report of Action A.2: Meeting of Coordinating Beneficiary & Associated Beneficiary management teams

Date of realization: 6st February 2012.

Participants: 12 (8 members of CO and 4 members of AB) (Participation list ‐ attachment 1)

Where: The first plan was to hold meeting in Ljubljana but due to travel time and optimization of travel costs the meeting was realized in Dobova, Slovenia.

How: Meeting was in a conference room where presentations and discussions were performed.

What: Because this was a first meeting of CO management team and AB management team we had some introductory debate to know each other. In continuation Project Manager has presented all Tasks of the EU Proteus project (attachment 2). All Tasks were simultaneity discussed. As this was a meeting concerning Task A (Identification of all special conditions and dangers in caves) also presentation with a title Nevarnosti v jamah (Dangers inside caves) was performed. In further discussion a detailed plan off forthcoming activities in the frame of Task A was made. First planed step was to prepare material for posters about preventive education of pupils with awareness of dangers inside caves. At the beginning this will be done in Slovenian language (already realized: http://jamarska‐‐jamarstva), later on in Croatian and English version. We have also discussed about project webpage and some promotional actions of the EU Proteus project (like short introductive publication in some newspapers – result in attachment 3 – Slovenian National newspaper ˝Slovenske novice˝). We have also discussed a lot about organization of documentation and about financial plan of the project. This was also a first consultation for Partnership Agreement preparation.


Depala vas, 29.2.2012

Project Manager: Maks Merela

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Attachment 2
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