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Zgornje Gorje; 17th March 2012


Slovenian Cave Rescue Service has organized this year's first cave rescue training which “was held in the wall”. (At the same time) we combined our training with EU Proteus project.

We got together at 08:00 in front of Mercator store in Zg. Gorje. After a cup of coffee we went to the that day`s “rescue site” and started preparing the site for the rescue training. Rescuers were divided into several groups so they covered several operating points at once. Operating points covered the following topics:

  • Review of personal caving equipment
  • Demonstration of novelties / changes of the "stef" system
  • Rigging vertical pitches and preparing anchors for counter-weight
  • Installation and tensioning tyrole
  • Raising the victim with a counter-weight
  • The use of UKW stations within the ZARE system
  • Transport of stretcher over the anchorage on the tyrole
  • Raising and lowering a stretcher from / to tyrole
  • Removing  a victim from the rope
  • Joint exercise including all maneuvers

Rescue training ran smoothly without any major setbacks. Despite a large number of rescuers present there were no delays due to a large number of operating points. We concluded our training with analysis and a goulash. Training was finished by 7 pm.

Head of Operations, Marko Zakrajsek